If it's outdoors, I'm in.

I’m a writer with a passion for the outdoors, history, and Scottish culture.

The Weekend Fix, introduced by Bee Leask and Hamish Brown

2nd Edition available now.
Like many young people, Craig came of age on the hills of Scotland and further afield. With his friends he braved landscapes from the Cuillin to the Cotswolds, wild Welsh farmers and even wilder Highland midges. Usually funny, sometimes dangerous, more often wet, one thing was for sure: life was never boring!

The Wrong Way: all you need to avoid crowds on even busy hills

Learn the technique of deliberately avoiding people to improve the quality of your walk. Works on even the most popular hills!

Would you like to climb hills, but are worried about getting lost?

 You're on top of a hill in the mist.
The wind is howling and you aren’t quite sure where you are, but you know there are cliffs around that you would rather not fall over. How far away is the top? You get your phone out. The battery’s dead.
Oh dear.
What are you going to do now?

A History of Scotland: a three-book series

Kilted clansmen and Presbyterian engineers. But what else do you know of Scotland’s past? Are the stories and legends you know true? More than most countries, the history of Scotland has been interwoven with myth and legend. How might your understanding of Scotland change once you find out what really happened? Get the books.

The Loveofscotland Blog Map

I travelled Scotland so you don't have to!

Or perhaps you would like to, and are looking for inspiration? Wherever you want to go in Scotland, odds are there's something to pique your interest on the Loveofscotland blog map.

The Virtual Tour of Scotland

Want a quick guide to the history, culture, and geography of Scotland?

You've come to the right place. From Stirling to St Kilda, via Shetland and Stranraer, you'll get an intimate portrait in the Virtual Tour of Scotland.

Other books I've done

Penned Poetry for Parkinson's Research

 A charity book of international poets who have contributed work to raise funds for Parkinson's Research. My poems address loss, growth, and the nature of Scotland.

Cities, Design and Evolution

 Why does modern planning sometimes create urban environments that are less attractive and functional than the ‘organic urbanism’ of traditional cities? Cities Design and Evolution investigates how cities are put together. Illustrated with some of my urban photography.

101 Keyboard Tips: Stuff all the Pros Know and Use

Ready to take your keyboard playing to the next level? This book and CD will show you how. 101 Keyboard Tips presents valuable how-to insight that players of all styles and levels can benefit from.