Come on in! It's good to see you.

You’re interested in Scotland? You like the outdoors? Cool, take a look around.

Would you like to climb hills, but are worried about getting lost?

You're on top of a hill in the mist.
The wind is howling and you aren’t quite sure where you are, but you know there are cliffs around that you would rather not fall over. How far away is the top? You get your phone out. The battery’s dead.
Oh dear.
What will you do now?

The Weekend Fix, introduced by Bee Leask and Hamish Brown

2nd Edition launching April 2021
Like many young people, Craig came of age on hills all around the British Isles, but especially the Munros in Scotland. With his friends he braved hills from the Cuillin to the tops of Gloucestershire, wild Welsh farmers and even wilder midges in the Highlands. Usually funny, sometimes dangerous, more often wet, one thing was for sure: life was never boring!