One glorious summer day

I set off on my bike and rode towards the local hills. I was still at school and not allowed to climb them alone, but nobody else I knew was interested.

With the edgy feeling that no one knew where I was if I slipped and broke an ankle, I headed up the sunlit ridge of Beinn Chaorach, highest of the Glen Fruin hills. At the top, a vista unfurled, wave upon wave of hills, from Ben Lomond that I recognised to new, unknown ranges. I had to explore just a little further, see the prospects from those distant summits.

I was hooked.

The Weekend Fix is the story of those times.

Alongside a love of the outdoors grew a fascination with the history and culture of Scotland. I made my own modest contribution to the Glasgow music scene: and as the independence referendum came and went, I realised it was time for an accessible new history of Scotland based on the latest research. (And in the process, discovering a lot of what I thought I already knew was based on myth.) Scotland’s Story is the result.

All these interests coalesce in the blog: there’s over 500 posts of high quality content. Why not check it out?

So if you have an interest in history, culture, the outdoors, or Scotland in general, I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch at one of the links below.