Meet E.C.L.A.I.R.


E.C.L.A.I.R .stands for Electronically Controlled, Literate, Artificially Intelligent Robot. (Three of those words are lies.) E.C.L.A.I.R. was a mobile drinks dispenser entered in BP’s Build-a-robot Competition. The competition was for A-level science students, but nobody told us boys from Primary School so we entered anyway.

Building E.C.L.A.I.R. was by far the most impressive thing I’ve done.

I was ten.

But when I left school to study rocket science, its mind-mangling maths left me stuck on the ground. Instead I took refuge in the wonderland of the university library, and looked at maps. Unlike aeronautical engineering, this was a passion that stuck. 

After all, I’d only chosen Glasgow University because it was the closest one in Britain to the hills.

By graduation day, I lived for the outdoors. By the age of 23, I’d climbed all the Munros. I worked as a casual labourer and trainee engineer, then worked offshore piloting submersibles. I ran my own music studio, worked as a technical editor, then in IT. But when times were tough, when I was lost in myself, there was always the solace of the hills.

The Weekend Fix is the story of those times.

I’ve written for Hal Leonard, TGO Magazine, and the Man Booker International Award winning Sandstone Press.

I’ve also got a series of Scottish history books in production that I am very excited about!

Please enjoy my writing responsibly.