A History of Scotland, Book One: Foundation

'To those who enjoy fiction of the style of Game of Thrones, there is much to keep them engrossed within. Looking forward to the second and third parts. Highly recommended.'
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About the book

What do you know of Scotland’s history? Which stories and legends are true? And where do they fit in with the bigger picture? This brisk account of the early days of an ancient nation will tell you.

Discover how Scotland emerged from a mix of Picts, Gaels and Vikings, a Christian kingdom carved out between Norwegian and Plantagenet Empires. Dive deep into the pivotal Wars of Independence and the stirring tales of Wallace and Bruce. Learn of the trials and tribulations of the early Stewart kings as they sought to dominate Scotland’s turbulent nobility. Scotland’s early story is a tale of brutality, drama, freedom... and a slightly surprising battle against being taxed.

Foundation, the first of a three book series, covers up to the year 1542.

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