Scotland's Story, One: Foundation

Kilted clansmen running through the mist! Presbyterian engineers building steamships! But what else do you know of Scotland’s past? Are the stories and legends you know true? And how might your understanding of Scotland change once you find out?

Eleven years ago, I embarked on a voyage of discovery into the story of my native land. I learned the usual stuff you might expect. But I also discovered how often Scottish armies made unprovoked attacks on England; the complicated loyalties of the nobility during the Wars of Independence; the grudging nature of Parliaments to grant tax; and the early nature of anti-Gaelic prejudice.

The result is a three-book series. Book one, Foundation, covers up to the year 1513 and is available now.

“I hae brocht ye to the ring,”

said Wallace,

“now see gif ye can dance.”

Here's some key figures featured in Scotland's Story, One: Foundation.

Margaret hadn’t planned to be Queen of Scots. But her boat was shipwrecked fleeing the Norman conquest, landing her in the care of Malcolm Canmore, Scotland’s king…  Read on >

The Bruce had begged Edward I for the kingdom of Scotland and been contemptuously dismissed. But now his hand had been forced. He would have to fight, or die in the attempt… Read on >

Could a man fly? That was the question Renaissance king James IV was about to have answered by Brother Damien, as he readied to launch himself from the walls of Stirling Castle…  Read on >

Crimthann was in disgrace. He’d started a fight about copyright that killed three thousand men on an Irish battlefield. He was going to have to do something special to atone for it… Read on >

Bonus: Timeline of Scottish History

A lot happened in Scotland between the arrival of humans and the Battle of Flodden in 1513. I’d loved to have put a timeline in Foundation, but there just wasn’t space. So please, as a compliment to the book, feel free to download the timeline below