The Soundtrack to The Weekend Fix.

In The Weekend Fix, you’ll hear about my musical career. Because when I wasn’t climbing hills, I was playing gigs.

So in case you’re wondering what tunes like Ten to 2 and The People With Computers in Their Head sound like, here they are.

First up, The People With Computers in Their Head. “A one man noise factory,” said Steve Lamacq, when he played it on Radio 1.

Next, Tokyo Sexwale, a tribute to the man with the finest name in history.

It’s off to the realms of concept now, with unique footage of a band that only existed for one minute. (There weren’t even any rehersals! You can probably tell!) Welcome The One Minute Wonders and their minute-long boyband parody, Just Another Pop Song.

Is that the time already? “It’s Ten to 2, the last song’s being played, and everybody’s got the Ten to 2s, trying to get laid.” A song about nightclubs that shut at 2a.m.

And of course let’s finish with a treat. My first ever music video, Dance! Disco Robot.

These tunes are mentioned in The Weekend Fix

2nd Edition out April 2021!