The Wrong Way: All you need to avoid crowds on even busy hills

Learn the technique of deliberately avoiding people to improve the quality of your walk. Works on even the most popular hills!

The Wrong Way is not yet a book. It's a method, which you can learn below. If you like it, let me know via the contact page and I will work on turning it into a book.

You might as well know I don't like to follow the crowds.

It’s stood me in good stead over the years, especially finding quiet routes since Covid-19.

When everyone else is queueing to get to the top of Snowdon, I am watching a bonny wee wheatear in some Godforsaken bog in the Monadhliath.

Now you can learn how to do it too!

What is 'The Wrong Way?'

Find the quiet routes on even the busiest of hills.

Article on the Wrong Way in TGO Magazine.

Slides and script for the Wrong Way talk at the Pentlands Book Festival.

Where is the last place you would expect to encounter people? Go there!